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why vienna

why vienna?

  • ...because it is close - approx. 2hrs by air from most european capitals
  • ...because it is small enough to make you feel home and big enough to offer so much variation
  • ...because it is historical and elegant, but still modern, up-to-date and hip
  • ...because it is green & safe and has a reliable public transportation system
  • ...because it offers great value & high quality for your budget
  • ...because it is multi-kulti! Vienna has 1.8million inhabitants - this includes 570.000 residents from 198 different countries
  • ...because it is ranked very high in most studies - eg. with ICCA it is number 2 in the ranking of world's leading meeting destination, or the mercer world's most liveable city - for the 6th year in a row (2015)...
  • ...because it offers 3 different most up-to-date conference centres and more the 400 hotels in various categories
  • ...because it offers impressive venues in all categories - from historical to modern, from breathtaking view to far below street level
  • ...because it has uncountable great bars and restaurants, partly with enjoyable outdoor seating areas.
  • ...because it is ecology-minded: ca.50% of the city's area are green spaces, we have more then 1.200km of cycling paths, a recreation area of approx. 3,9km² and 200.000 bees live on the roof of the museum of natural history!